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Curbside Cafe

Curbside Cafe, 2525 Hanover Avenue, Richmond
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Karisa: I got the crab cake benedict. Who's surprised? No one. Technically, it was called the Chesapeake option of something else...whatever; it was crab cake benedict.  I tried to resist. I really did. I considered a lovely sounding omelette with brie, spinach, tomatoes and other lovely sounding yumminess. I'll blame that it came with a meat, and I would have had to ask for a substitute. We all know that's a lie though. There was a crab cake benedict option; I was going to get it. I'm officially making it my thing. There. It's my thing. Anyway, the food was surprisingly good. I wasn't able to try anyone else's dish (damn pescetarianism!) but it all looked fairly intriguing. Mine was decent as far as crab cake benedicts go, but that was sufficient given the fairly tasty and cheap mimosas (of which I may or may not have had more than two.) Good and easy Fan location. Won't be rushing back though.

Andrea: Curbside exceeded my expectations. I ordered the chicken salad melt, which came on English muffins and had a slice of tomato and melted cheese (I substituted pepper jack for Muenster). The cheesy hash browns on the side were fabulous. The chicken salad itself was just like I make it at home - creamy, without many fillers. The tomato, however, didn't taste quite right (maybe just off-season or a little unripe?) and the English muffins themselves were just okay. Was disappointed in the amount of fruit in the "fruit salad" (see Food rating description). For me, Curbside lost some ambiance points with the flies that were circling our table throughout the meal. Enjoyed my mimosa - a bit watery, but good price point. I don't envision this spot being heavy on my brunch rotation list, but the food was tastier than I thought it would be and our waitress was very nice.

MicheleI’ve been frequenting Curbside to watch basketball games this season on their large TV. I lobbied for Curbside for brunch this week because they advertise $3.75 mimosas, screwdrivers, and bloody marys. Our waitress was pleasant and very knowledgeable about the menu. My coffee was gross, but my bloody mary tasted great. I ordered the creamed chipped beef on toast, or SOS as it is sometimes called. Our waitress said I would want a nap afterwards. Excellent! My plate arrived with a cool looking hash brown and fruit on the side. The beef was very creamy and delicious, and the hash brown was amazing! I could even taste the butter on the toast underneath the creamy beef.I walked into Curbside expecting a mediocre bar food brunch experience, and I walked home pleasantly surprised.

Chris, Guest (and British!) BruncherAs the special guest reviewer this week, I’ll be providing a thoroughly British view on the brunch. The location chosen was the Curbside Cafe, not a place that I would traditionally associate with brunch. It just didn't have a brunch feel to it. I probably have an idealistic view of what brunch type place is and this wasn't it. The server was very friendly and helpful and knew the menu well. As a stereotypical Brit I adore Tea, so I can’t really comment on the Coffee. It was alright, nothing special, but definitely drinkable. For my food I chose the Red Neck Heart Attack. Chopped bacon, potato, sausage all mixed in a big pile of eggs, which is then covered in a thick layer of cheese. The dish certainly lives up to its name and certainly isn't a choice for any dieters. But for the hard drinkers out there trying to shake that Saturday night hangover this is the perfect meal. I thought it was fantastic and if this is what Rednecks eat out here then you can start calling me Billy-Bob. Overall I was very impressed and the meal was a lot better than I expected.

Rating: 3
Food - Good. Surprisingly good, I think all agreed. A note on the menu - there are only a few non-egg options and a "side of fruit" meant two melon balls, one piece of pineapple, and a quarter slice of citrus. The special of the day was an omelet with asparagus, mozzarella, and roasted red peppers.
Service - Good. Michele liked the fun earrings our waitress was wearing. It took a long time to get all of our place settings, but we were checked on several times.
Ambiance - Fair. It didn't smell like it did the night before, I'm sure, but Curbside definitely won't win any awards for its decor. Bathroom was clean; booths were roomy for the 4 of us. Typical neighborhood sports bar vibe.
Coffee - Fair. Regular ol' standard run-of-the-mill java. I thought it was more palatable than Karisa and Michele did. Apparently my standards are low. Appreciated that they had milk instead of half and half for us.
Mimosa - Good. Best part was the price ($3.75 for a full pint). Orange juice wasn't the best quality, and there weren't any fancy options, but it really did hit the spot.
Bloody Mary - GoodSimple, tasty, cheap.  What more could a girl ask for?

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