Sunday, May 13, 2012

Aquitaine Boston

Aquitaine Boston, 569 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

Karisa: Brunch at Aquitaine was the perfect ending to my first visit to Boston. Apparently brunch to Bostonians is about as big of a deal as it is to Richmonders, so we had a really hard time deciding on a place to go. We landed on Aquitaine, which gave the added bonus of giving me a chance to visit the South End. My friend Carrie made reservations (calling was much more helpful than OpenTable!) and we made our way via the T. The restaurant was full to the brim with tables, and it practically felt like we were also having brunch with people at the next table. Compactness aside, the service was prompt (even though there were several different waiters for awhile), drinks brought quickly, and the menu looked very tasty. Naturally, I settled on the Benedict Provencal (it had me at avocado!) For the most part, I was quite happy; the hollandaise was good, the avocado ripe and buttery. Unfortunately, I had the opposite problem than I usually do with eggs - they were under-cooked! Like the white wasn't fully cooked, under-cooked. Ick. Luckily I was able to push those parts aside, and happily enjoy my meal. Overall, Aquitaine was a great brunching experience. They also have a great prix fixe brunch option during certain hours, which would be a great way to try this fancy restaurant on a budget.

Rating: 4
Food - Good. A lot of French breakfast and standard lunch dishes. The prix fixe option is a great way for those on a budget to enjoy the finer foods of life.
Service - Good. We weren't quite sure who our server was the first half of the meal. For those most part the service was quick, but very Bostonian in attitude. Coffee was never refilled.
Atmosphere - Very Good. Fancy looking spot in the South End. Making reservations for brunch was a new (yet very necessary) experience. Paper napkins didn't quite fit in with the rest of the feel though.
Coffee Good. Served in coffee glasses, so it gets cold quickly, but was quite good.
Mimosa - Very Good. Served traditional style with fresh squeezed orange juice. What's not to like? Oh, the $8 price tag...
Bloody Mary - Very Good. Could make two non-typical bloody mary drinkers into converts!

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