Sunday, July 1, 2012

Iron Horse

Iron Horse Restaurant, 100 South Railroad Ave., Ashland
Menus (brunch seems to be missing)

Karisa: A homey, unpretentious trip to Ashland made me return to my roots - my crab cake benedict roots. I'd call this a deconstructed benedict. A crab cake atop a fried green tomato with poached eggs on the side, all covered with Hollandaise and topped with a triangle of puff pastry. My only complaint of the meal is that it's very yellow; there was no variety of color on the plate. Throw on some fruit, spice it up! Aside from the yellowness, we had a wonderful brunch at Iron Horse. The service was very attentive without being overbearing, the atmosphere warm and inviting, the food excellent. Sounds like a 5, right? We're having a hard time with that too. Everything was spot on, but it seems to be missing the "it" factor. Not sure what that is, but it wasn't there. Perhaps because we were in Ashland. Perhaps because of the yellowness. Maybe because the mimosa wasn't Richmond style. No idea; however, if I find myself in Ashland on a Sunday morning, I'll head right on over to Iron Horse.

Marin: Iron Horse won a place in my heart for so many reasons. For getting me up to Ashland for only the third time since I've moved to Richmond, for its undeniably infectious small-town charm, and for its refreshingly unique brunch menu options. For example, the fried oyster sandwich, which I am so delighted to have taken the plunge and ordered. It was rich with flavor and immensely satisfying. Plus, it was served with potatoes that were cooked to perfection, in a world where the side of potatoes seems increasingly to be treated as a disastrously hasty afterthought. The mimosa was quite delicious, probably one of my favorites since I first embarked on my brunch-blogging adventures. And the ambiance was precisely as it ought to have been, nothing more, nothing less. Nothing remotely pretentious, but clean and friendly and downright down-home. Get on down there, y'all.

Rating: 4
Food - Very Good. A variety of standard and Southern menu options (chicken and waffles anyone?) all excellently executed.
Atmosphere - Good. Cute without being kitschy. Very small-town feel. 
Service - Very Good. Attentive without being overbearing. We were never in want for coffee or drink refills.
Coffee - Good. Standard, tasty coffee.
Mimosa - Good. Perhaps a bit pricey, but very tasty. Served standard style in a champagne glass.
Bloody Mary - Not rated. No Michele :( (however, a coworker tells me it's one of the best he's ever had)

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  1. We have never been to the Ironhorse (even when we lived in Mechanicsville). It sounds like we should take a ride out there one Sunday. I'll give you my thoughts on the Bloody Mary when we do.