Thursday, August 23, 2012

Conch Republic

Conch Republic Rocketts, 11 Orleans Street,  Richmond

Karisa: I'm not sure what I expected from brunch at Conch Republic. I guess I got what I expected, which wasn't very much. The food was fine, but forgettable; the server was nice, but did nothing to stand out. Add in gross and rainy weather, and you have the perfect equation for a very 'blah' experience. Actually, I take that back - the mimosa was good. $4 for a pint can definitely add a fun factor to the equation. Perhaps if I had more of them, the meal would be better... Speaking of the meal, I got the Eggs Key West, which is essentially conch cakes benedict. I've been to Key West and thoroughly enjoyed conch fitters, and these were no comparison. They mostly tasted like filler actually. Ah well, they can't all be winners.

Oh, one more thing. Conch Republic markets their brunch as a "Jazz Brunch", which just sounds like all sorts of fun... but in reality it seemed like a few guys playing for a few minutes, while the majority of the time was canned music. Lame.

Andrea: The take-home on Conch Republic for me this week is that it's a cool scene, especially if it's nice out, but it seems to be better for the drinkin' than the eatin'. It was a different crew this week with my brother in town and Michele out of town (and Marin gone... [insert tears here]). I ordered a benedict with country ham and home fries. I found the eggs to be cooked well but the ham was a bit overcooked and seemed extra salty (note to self - maybe you should stop ordering the ham in Virginia). The home fries were really a disappointment... little tiny fried cubes of minimal flavor. My brother had the meat-lovers omelette and went to town on it so it had to be good. Lots of sausage, bacon, and ham abounded in that dish. I enjoyed the mimosa but was hoping to have a more fancy one; I remembered having a blood orange option the last time I was in the restaurant for drinks. I can see myself hanging out here, having a drink, and watching the water, but I don't anticipate myself coming back for eats in the near future...none of it had the "wow" factor of many other dishes I've had over the past year.

Rating: 2
Food - Good. Nice variety, cheesy grits were noted to be a hit. LOTS of meat in the "meat lovers" omelette. Home fries were *meh* and the side of fresh fruit was more like four little cubes of cantaloupe/honeydew.
Service - Good. The server was quick to remedy the situation when we had mix-ups (got home fries instead of grits as ordered, eggs weren't done correctly) and was friendly.
Ambiance - Good. Live jazz wasn't too loud so we could still carry on a conversation. View of boats and the water. Lots of windows on an overcast day made for a weird glare and Andrea wasn't such a fan of the lighting. Outside seating was a nice bonus that we would have taken advantage of if it weren't rainy.
Coffee - Fair. Not all that flavorful and kinda had a weird aftertaste.
Mimosa - Good. Standard iced variety in a pint glass, but also comes in "manmosa" form with a shot of orange vodka. Nice price too ($4 for a full pint).
Bloody Mary - Not rated. No Michele :-/

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