Sunday, October 7, 2012

Surly Girl - Columbus, OH

Surly Girl Saloon, 1126 N. High St., Columbus, OH
Brunch Menu

Michele: I spent last weekend visiting my sister in Columbus, OH. She took me to brunch at the Surly Girl Saloon when I visited her last year, and I demanded to go back on this visit because this place makes a pretty awesome Bloody Mary. Like the best I've ever had. I'll get to that in a second, though. Surly Girl is first and foremost a bar. They have something like 20 beers on tap at any time. It's super fun in there, and the decor is a kitschy cool Wild West theme. There are old photos of Surly Girls and Guys from bad old days up on the dark wood walls along with longhorn skulls, fake guns, and cowboy hats. But y'all, it's cool in there! They've definitely managed to stay on the correct side of tacky decorating.

Alright, back to the Bloody Mary. They have three varieties, and I always go for the Surly Mary. It's medium as far as the spicy goes and has a salt and pepper rim. It was just as delicious as I remember. Sis got a pomegranate mimosa, I think. She let me have a sip and it was pretty tasty.

For my meal I decided on the Black Beans Huevos Surlitos with pulled pork added. The dish consisted of two eggs over black beans, pork, and avocado inside of a shallow bowl formed by a toasted flour tortilla. There is a spicy ranchero sauce in there too. The waiter didn't ask how I wanted my eggs, but he must have read my mind because they were perfectly over-easy. I am so happy I opted to add the pulled pork because it was amazing. The meat was fall-apart tender. The black beans were perfectly cooked as well. I ended up ripping up the tortilla into pieces and making little mini wraps with the meat and beans after I finished the eggs. To be honest, I didn't really eat more than a couple of bites of the potatoes. They were pretty good, cooked thoroughly and seasoned with a spicy something, but I needed to save room in my belly for the other delicious things happening on my plate.  

I had a bite of Sis's Sheriff Wrap, which was eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese in a tortilla. It was also quite tasty, I'm happy she shared with me!

I've been struggling with the decision to award Surly Girl a 5. I mean, it's a bar! However, it really hits the mark in all the things we look for in a top brunch spot. Great food, cool atmosphere, excellent drinks. I highly recommend the Surly Girl Saloon for Columbus residents and visitors looking for a great brunch spot.

Rating: 5
Food - Very good. We were both sad we got full!
Service - Good. Friendly waiter. Prompt with the coffee refill.
Ambiance - Very good. Wild west themed in a kitschy cool way.
Coffee - Good. Warm and delicious.
Mimosa - Good. Pomegranate flavor was tasty, on the sweet side, served in a martini glass.
Bloody Mary - Very good. Right amount of spice, salt and pepper rim, olive, best I've ever had.

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