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Weezie's Kitchen

Weezie's Kitchen, 3123 W Cary St., Richmond
Breakfast/Brunch Menu

Karisa: For our St. Patty's Day brunch (and the day after Shamrock the Block) I fully intended to have a serious hangover brunch. Fortunately, the Irish were kind to us, and we all felt pretty good. We even sported some green mustaches for the occasion! Luckily Weezie's is one of those Richmond spots where a group of girls with faux green facial hair is totally normal and accepted. We had about a 20 minute wait, but it passed quickly with photo taking, and we were seated in the back of the restaurant. I think if we'd been near the door it would have been too breezy, so I was thankful for the spot in the back. We ordered our typical beverages and since two of us were getting mimosas, our awesome server suggested we go for a pitcher. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate this cost saving heads up! For my meal, I skipped the Karisa-typical crab benedict, and went for the preventative green beer day Breakfast Burrito with an added side of grits. I must admit, I was really disappointed. The grits were super watery (obviously quick cook) and the burrito had a really strange flavor that didn't strike my (or the other girls) fancy. The home/French fries were quite good though, the best part of the meal. Typically for us, service makes the difference between an otherwise 5 restaurant being knocked to a 4. Here, however, the service bumped up Weezie's from a 2 to a 3. Hit up Weezie's if you've got a hangover or have some picky eaters in your group; you won't be disappointed.

Andrea: Weezie's has been a part of my Richmond experience since I moved to Carytown - a few brunches, a few dinners (one not-so-great dinner), and some fun nights of bluegrass music. Brunch here this week was solid. Food was suitably good. Service was better than expected. I like Weezie's decor - it's a little dark and cozy with colorful oil paintings and a fun mural in the back of the restaurant. The restaurant was hoppin' on this St. Patrick's Day and the clientele didn't look at us too funny when we sat down sporting our green 'staches (thanks, Michele's Momma!). Weezie's still isn't somewhere that I'd recommend going out of your way to visit necessarily, but if Can Can has a ridiculous wait and you're with a group of buddies in Carytown up for an egg dish or some excellent home fries, Weezie's is your place! I had the "Jeff' Express" omelette with spinach, mushrooms, onions, and feta with a side of home fries and fresh fruit. The home fries were actually more like little french fries and they were delicious. The overall flavor of the omelette was good too; suitable creaminess, not too dry. I just wish that the mushrooms and onions were cooked a little bit more. Their hard texture didn't blend very well with the rest of the ingredients. For my beverages, I had a lot of coffee and a Bold Rock cider on draft. Weezie's is one of the first places in Richmond where I've seen it on tap and boy, was it good! I'll definitely be coming back here for beverages another time soon.

Michele: I ate my first breakfast as a Richmond resident at Weezie's on a September morning in 2007. My cousin had spent the night after helping me move in to my Museum District apartment the previous day. We walked up to Carytown for breakfast, and Weezie's was the only restaurant open. I think we were a little early than normal brunching time, like maybe 9am. I also used to come regularly when they had bluegrass every Thursday night. Well, good news for both early risers and night owls, Weezie's opens at 8am every morning for breakfast and parties into the wee hours. It's a cool spot, they definitely rock both day time and late night.

We had to wait maybe 20 minutes for a table this week. Apparently Weezie's is a very popular place to brunch. The fact that it was St. Patrick's Day probably contributed to the crowd too. While waiting for our table, I had to listen to a group of bros debrief their Saturday drinking adventures and plan their follow up Sunday activities. They were so loud, I couldn't help but eavesdrop.

We sat down at our table, and our waitress didn't even mention our green mustaches at first. Did we really look that normal? She also indicated that it was her birthday. I really wanted to buy her a drink, but not allowed. I ordered my standard coffee and Bloody Mary. The warm coffee was nice on such a cold, rainy morning. My Bloody Mary was also pretty tasty, although I needed a bit more spice to suit my tastes.

For my meal this week, I decided on a chicken fried steak. Don't judge, I like to have one every now and then. My plate arrived, and it was piled high with a giant steak and biscuit, both covered in gravy, plus two eggs over easy and potatoes. My cut of steak was fatty and a little tough around the edges. However, the middle of the steak was quite tasty. My egg yolks were nice and runny. In fact, the yolks formed a nice second gravy on the plate. The potatoes looked and tasted like uncurly Arby's fries, and they were amazing. The biscuit was fluffy and delicious. It soaked up the gravy and egg yolk perfectly. This meal would be perfect for nursing a hangover. I had spent all day Saturday studying accounting, which feels a little bit like a hangover the next day.

Overall, I think we had a fun brunch at Weezie's. The food is simple and recognizable. The restaurant is quirky, casual, and fun. I will definitely keep it on my list of spots to catch a quick meal while running errands in Carytown.

On a side note, I'm quite proud of my fellow brunch club ladies. We managed to eat our brunches this week with fake green mustaches glued to our faces. I've always had a strong fondness for mustaches, but after this experience, my appreciation for them has grown deeper. It's not easy to eat or drink with a mustache -- the hair soaks up coffee and collects crumbs. And the nose tickling, how do you guys put up with this day in and day out? My hat is off to you, beardy and mustachy men.

Kathy: I love Carytown. It's adorable. So, I was looking forward to Weezie's Kitchen, but my meal left a bit to be desired. The atmosphere is homey, and the menu offers classic diner style brunch options - nothing wrong there, but the food lacked that certain quality you get from a truly good old timey diner. A pitcher of mimosas at a reasonable price always makes me happy, but the drinks tasted underwhelming, and came served in a tall glass over ice like we're some kind of peasants. I ordered the "eggs any style," and substituted grits for the usual home fries. While unrelated to the food's taste, I'm so pleased a Richmond restaurant finally understands not to call home fries hash browns, leaving you tricked and sad. I enjoyed my bacon, because bacon, but only ate about half my eggs. They were fine, but didn't wow me. My grits tasted very bland, and I added butter to them, which helped some. The price point is fantastic at Weezie's, which is maybe why they had a bit of a wait to get in. I'd maybe go back if I'm looking for standard, affordable fare, but Carytown's charm didn't fully win me over to Weezie's.

Rating: 3
Food Fair. Grits were watery. Breakfast burrito was not great - had a weird spice that we couldn't put our finger on but definitely didn't belong (oregano?). Michele enjoyed her chicken fried steak and Andrea's omelette was decent but parts of it just weren't cooked enough. Home fries were definitely the highlight of the meal for all of us. Nice selection of breakfast and lunch items to choose from; something there for everyone.
Service Very Good. Our server was celebrating a birthday and she was cheerful and uber-personable. Very attentive to us as well, despite a full restaurant.
Atmosphere Good. Cozy, not too loud despite a crowd. Plenty of good music. Colorful oil paintings on the walls, mural in the back of the restaurant.
Coffee/TeaGood (C and T). Coffee was Rostov's. We all enjoyed several cups. Lacked the wow factor to push it to a Very Good, but overall good quality coffee! Tea refills were nice and came with a new bag, but there was no selection to be had. Kathy was happy that it was served in a giant mug.
Mimosa Fair. Lots of sparklingness without much OJ, but not very good quality overall. Pitcher was economical but because it was served over ice in regular ol' pint glasses, the presentation was sub-optimal and the flavor was watered down.
Bloody Mary - Good. Coarse pepper, tomatoey, could have used a little more spice.

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