Wednesday, August 21, 2013

C Street

C Street, 3325 West Cary Street, Richmond

Karisa: Before this brunch none of us had been to C Street. Since our meal, I've told several people about it, and none of them have been either. How has this gem of a restaurant managed to elude all of us? Some Richmonders clearly knew, as we were certainly not the only ones enjoying the rare gorgeous summer day on the porch and watching Carytown go by. I have no doubt that our experience at C Street benefited from the wonderful breeze and perfect weather, but the food, service, and drinks stood on their own for an absolutely fantastic meal.

As Michele and I waited for Andrea to arrive, our very pleasant server made sure we were well situated with coffee and our preferred alcoholic beverages. She let us peruse the menu and shared specials once Andrea arrived. They all sounded lovely, but my mind was already made. A fritatta with asparagus, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and goat cheese? Done. Frankly, you could just set all of those ingredients on a plate and I'd be happy. Mixing in eggs and spices and cooking it up to a fluffy fritatta? Sounds perfect.

When our meal arrived, the fritatta looked just as good as it sounded. Plus, it came with the most amazing sourdough bread I can remember tasting. Top it off with a little butter and homemade jam that accompanied it (in adorable little containers for the table), and I was in toasty heaven. Unfortunately the fritatta was a tiny bit dry, but that's my only complaint, and mostly because I'm stretching to find a complaint.

In the end, it was as close to a perfect brunch as I could have asked for without being at Stella's. I'm so glad we've discovered C Street, and am mad at any of you who knew about it and didn't share. Tell me these things, people!

AndreaThis week's brunch at C Street was a surprise hit. I had walked by the restaurant's store front dozens of times and not noticed this hidden gem in Carytown. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and were delighted when we had a shady, breezy spot on the patio. Despite the flies trying to eat our strawberry jam, the overall experience was one of the best we've had thus far in our (unpaid) brunching careers. The Tres Rios coffee beans from Rostov's set the tone for a delicious meal - deep, rich beans that I need to find immediately and make at the office to perk myself up. Several days post-brunch, I'm still thinking about that mimosa! Truly delicious combination of bubbly and juice. On the high end of what I like to spend for a drink, but the quality was definitely worth it. I went a little untraditional with my menu selection and was soooo glad that I did. I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich with roasted red pepper and prosciutto  A side salad of micro greens lightly dressed with a vinaigrette accompanied my sandwich. The star of the meal was the sourdough bread - buttery with the perfect amount of toasting for me (I like it on the lighter side). Good salty cheese flavor inside as well. My only minor complaint was I wanted more veggies and/or meat. In actuality, though, I would have been happy just eating the bread! I'm very glad that we discovered this place because I'd like to come back for dinner and spend more time in their outdoor seating area, taking in a warm summer day (or evening) in our fine city. 

MicheleI’ve lived in the Museum District for about 5 years now. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t really know that much about C Street when Karisa suggested it for brunch. It’s located in that huge building in the middle of Carytown (which by the way, what did that giant building used to be anyways? A church?), which it shares with a salon and one or two other small businesses.

I arrived first this week, and was given a choice of a table inside or out on the front patio of the building. This particular Sunday was sunny and dry out with a pleasant breeze, so I chose outside. C Street’s prime location in the middle of Carytown provides excellent people-watching opportunities from the front patio. Our server arrived quickly and took my drink orders while I waited for Karisa and Andrea to join me. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, sitting out in the breeze and the sipping on my coffee and Bloody Mary.

For my meal this week I chose the C Street Benedict, which consists of poached eggs, Smithfield ham, and hollandaise stacked on top of bread pudding. I also split a side of bacon with Andrea, in honor of Kathy. The bread pudding formed a clever and tasty base to the entire dish. On top, my eggs were perfectly poached. The ham was cleverly hidden in between. I definitely tasted it in each bite, but I could not for the life of me find it. Was is baked into the bread pudding?  We may never know for sure. I also appreciated the fruit on the side, a nice mix of fresh cut strawberry, kiwi, and pineapple.

I’m excited to finally know about C Street. How has this place remained hidden from me right in the middle of Carytown? I will absolutely return to C Street for brunch, especially on a cool, clear day, so I can sit on that patio again. I’m also excited to try their lunch and dinner menus. C Street feels classy without pretention, and the menu is sophisticated and complex without breaking the budget. I can’t wait to go back.

Rating: 5
Food - Very Good. The sourdough bread that accompanied the fritatta and was used in the grilled cheese was, in a word, THEBESTBREADI'VEEVERHAD. Yummy sides - the fresh fruit, potatoes, and mixed greens were all very well done. Simple but good quality. Menu wasn't huge but had a nice cross section of sweet and savory. Only slight misstep was a hit of dryness in the frittata. 
Service - Very Good. Our server was sweet and engaged us in conversation. She was very knowledgeable about the menu when we asked questions. She was prompt with refills and we never wanted for anything. 
Atmosphere - Very Good. Huge indoor area with terra cotta tile and shrubbery. Fancy vibe without being stuffy. Outdoor seating was a big plus, especially this week with such a lovely breeze. The only downside were the flies that tried to drink our drinks and eat our jelly. Great people watching potential since we were in Carytown but it was nice to be above the hustle and bustle and not directly on the street.
Coffee - Very Good. The beans came from local roaster Rostov's and were the Tres Rios blend. We didn't learn which rivers made up this mix, but we want to go visit them immediately! Dark, smooth, and delicious. Tea not rated this week (no Kathy).
Mimosa - Very Good. Had the perfect number of ice cubes to keep in the traditional Richmond style, but the class was kicked up a notch because it was served in a wine glass. Great sparkling wine to OJ ratio and high quality sparkles as well.
Bloody Mary - Good. A bit heavy on the horseradish, the drink also contained coarse pepper, celery seed, and 2 olives.

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